"The impression he made was so great, it is easy to write this recommendation today. He is clearly talented and was personable and creative as well . . . If given the opportunity to work with Steven again, I’d do it in a heartbeat."

"He’s one of the most personable people I’ve ever met, confident, yet humble at the same time. He’s photographed everyone, everything, everywhere, but is still open to suggestions from Art Directors who aspire to be photographers. The accent is funny as well mate."

​"I am blown away. These are incredible. Your work took my breath away. They are just beautiful."

​ "He is able to develop a trust with his subjects that creates a more vulnerable and human side to what might otherwise be a stiff corporate portrait. Steven always goes the extra mile and will continue to be one of my top photographers. A true professional."

​"Gorgeous! Outstanding, his taxi series had the public gasping in disbelief at the scale, beauty and originality of his images."

"Over the years we came to rely on Steven as one of a very few photographers we could depend on to consistently provide us with great results. He has the rare and valuable ability to capture high-quality shots of busy (and often camera-shy) executives that don’t look like outtakes from the annual report — while always professional and dignified, his work is also human and interesting, capturing something about the person others often miss . . . personable and respectful with subjects . . . I’ve worked with many photographers over the years, and Steven is one of the best."

"Incredible. The emotion captured in your work is outstanding love the color, angle, mood in your images."

"Stunning! Most impressive! His artwork is amazing."

"You’ve got great work. The Sakura Dancer images are really beautiful, like getting a present!"

"I have worked with Steven on a variety of assignments, from extensive photo essays to single portraits, and he has always provided outstanding work—the stuff that editorial art directors dream about!"